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Once a reporter, always a reporter

… claims Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. He is right.

    Back when my husband was considered a “quirky” candidate, after I was banished from my newsroom, I introduced myself as his wife to the future Attorney General of Maryland.
    Douglas F. Gansler was at the time merely shaking hands. He had not yet formally declared for the position he won in 2006.  

    “I’m Viki Russell, “I said and stretched my hand toward Gansler, “my husband’s running for county commission president.” I probably didn’t get that full sentence out before local businessman Mike O’Brien stepped in.
     “No she’s not,” he told Gansler, “she’s a reporter.”
    I was annoyed and told O’Brien I was not. I had been disappeared from my newsroom months before, when my husband decided he would file for candidacy.
    But Gansler cut through my protestations. And he didn’t shake my hand.   “Once a reporter,” he said, “always a reporter.”
    I was such a novice at the time, I thought he was wrong.

Not Fish Nor Fowl: The Creation of MetComm

By the 1950s entrepreneurs and locals were successfully parlaying the U.S. Navy’s continued investment in the Patuxent River Naval Air Station into a thriving community. But by the middle of that decade Lexington Park developers faced a show-stopping problem, the naval base could no longer accommodate the mounting sewage.

In 1950 fewer than 30,000 people lived in St. Mary’s County, by 1960 it would be nearly 40,000, primarily due to growth in the Lexington Park area. The Navy, operating its own plant was also helping local private systems dispose of its sewage.

But by the middle of the decade, according to then-state senator J. Frank Raley, neither system could handle the loads or meet increasingly stringent standards.

Nor could the five other sewage treatment plants in St. Mary’s County....(continued...)

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