Winter Wolves of Haden County

Dedicated to Eddie Bailey who said fiction was all I ever wrote


The Winter Wolves of Haden County

…the serialized account of the multi-generational political families running a quadrant of counties in Southern Illinois.

    There are 102 counties within the Great State of Illinois, each typically governed  by 29 commissioners .

   Within the Great State of Illinois exist two political realities: Cook County of the legendary Democratic political machine and Downstate, a hotbed of Republican conservative farmers.

Noteworthy in Haden County is a uniquely popular Democrat, William Wolf, president of Haden’s Board of Commissioners. In the opening chapter Commissioner Wolf is under unlikely
 consideration for Lieutenant Governor.

“It’s happening! It’s happening now!” Shelby Wolf texts Kyle Grosen in the opening chapter. The step daughter of William Wolf and the son of Haden County’s state’s attorney had been playmates since
toddlerhood. They’d met in the various styled cloak rooms and back rooms of their parents’ parties and meetings since before Shelby was a Wolf. There was no doubt in either of the teenagers’ minds
they would follow in their parents footsteps.

Winter Wolves of Haden County

Once a Reporter, Always a Reporter Once I was a straight reporter. Then my husband became a politician. That made me a political spouse with bad habits, some of which are exposed here.

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