Once a Reporter, Always a Reporter

“Once a reporter, always a reporter,” charged the man who would be the next state’s attorney.

I had disclaimed. I had lost that job due to my husband’s political ambitions.

“Once a reporter, always a reporter,” repeated the next state’s attorney, this time with more conviction.

Both men won their jobs. Neither thought anything more about it. Turned out to be dead on true.

Baby Buggy Blogging, 2009 – 2010. 

Gag Order Lifted 2014 – Inauguration 2017.



Viki Volk

Firstborn of amateur parents and born nosy. Addicted at an early age to fiction, to stories. Result: habitual reporter, sometimes so employed. Other times employed in pipe dreams and marsh life. Commentary on some of that collected below. First novel due out the end of 2023: "Murder First, Then Slander."

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